About Us

Resinet has grown solely due to demand for its services and experience. Services which include proactive staffing of facilities, project management and a thorough approach to regulatory compliance which includes essential services.

Resinet prides itself on Ethics and Transparency in all its business dealings. We work for the benefit of the Owners Corporation and by extension all lot owners.

Resinet is an innovator as we are often called in to ‘right the ship’, which often is not straightforward as the majority of Owners Corporations out there are unique in their requirements. Our experience in this area is vast and often does not reflect well on service industries operating within the ‘OC’ space.

In 2008 Resinet created theOCguide to assist you as a lot owner / owners corporation committee member to understand your ‘OC’ environment. Over many years we continue to get positive feedback as to how Victorians have been assisted by our attempt to help them via this resource. theOCguide – http://theOCguide.com.au